July 5-9, 2018

Warm Beach Camp, Stanwood, Wa. 

Cascade Family
Bible Camp


$50 Reward 

Our best advertising is word of mouth, so if you invite someone to Cascade Family Bible Camp and they write your name on their registration form, then you will get $50 off your registration or camp fees. There is no limit to how many of these rewards you can earn, but each new family can only name one person as their invitee to receive the reward. 

50% Off For First-Timers 

We believe that if you come once you will want to make a weekend at Warm Beach an annual family tradition. So we offer half off registration for all newcomers to our camp. Just indicate that you are a first time attender and we will reduce your registration fees by 50%. If you are coming because someone invited you, write their name in the space provided and they will get a $50 treat from the CFBC Board. Maybe they can buy the chocolate bars for your s'mores with all that money they get! 

There are two ways to register online

           1. Click here to access the online form (pay by credit card or send in a check). 

           2. Click here to download the form from this website and mail in the form. 

Either way, be sure to register by June 5 to get the best rates. 

Register Online